ngping District, held on May 13, J

ion park will cover an ▓area of 212 hectares, from Jing Cheng Expressway on the ea▓st to Qixing Road on the west, from Huinan Road on the south to the▓ Bolin Zaixian Community on the no

Work 01

in Shudong, director of Changping Di

rth. It focuses on the research and development of new energy, environmental protection, energy saving and e▓missions reduction, as well as the transfer of scientific

Work 02

strict described the prospect fo

and technological achievements. Building a low-carbon community is an innovation. If systematic energy saving and emissions reduction were used in the 10 areas incl

Work 03

r "Zhongguancun Energy, Science and In

uding land utilization, community plannin▓g, architectural design, traffic modeling, material selection and intell▓igent technology, the park will save 30 percent of do

Work 04
novation Demonstration Park,▓" whic

mestic water, reduce 50 percent of sewage discharge, save 45 percent of electricity and reduce 60 perc▓ent of exhaust emissions

h is in its planning and pre-con

when compared with a normal park of the same scale.The People's Government of Changping District

struction phase. He stated that th

expressed that incentives will be offered to the energy enterprises of the "demonstration park," and if▓ the en

e park is preliminarily schedule


terprises that have set up in the park meet the relevant conditions, they could enjoy all ki▓nds of preferential policies and various awards and supports at national, municipal an▓d district levels.Toyota is now selling the Camry Hybrid sedan in China. The first batch of 'green' vehicles roll▓ed of the production line at Toyota's Chinese joint ve▓nture Guangzhou Automobile on Monday. The vehicle will b▓e available at more than a hundred of the company's C

hinese dealers. The Camry Hybrid will be priced between 320 and 360 thousand yuan, a m▓iddle-level price in the Chinese market. Toyota has been actively carrying out business activities aimed at popularizing hybrid vehicles in China. But sales of its first hybrid vehicle in the country were not strong. It only sold about 4-thousand models of the Prius during its laun

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